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Strategic Communications:

Your Business’s Superpower

Your approach to growth is strategic.
Your budgeting is strategic. Your employee development is strategic. Yet how strategic are you when it comes to communications?
Strategic communications — the alignment of communications with business objectives — is your company’s superpower. 
It builds a stronger company, projects clarity and focus, and enhances the competitive advantage required in a crowded, noisy world.
Strategy fuels your four key areas of communication:
Content, Crisis, Media, and Ecosystem.
That’s powerful.


Like every other aspect of your business, your communication needs a strategy in order to effectively support business objectives.

Do you have a

communications strategy?

Are you producing the right kind of content?

Content puts messaging to work. It can persuade, bring an issue to life, reinforce expertise, and more.


Are you

media ready?

Maybe you want media attention, maybe you don’t. Regardless, prepare before a reporter calls or a press release is distributed.


Ready to communicate in crisis?

You can’t predict when crisis hits or the devastation to your brand. Yet you can create a plan to mitigate damage.


How’s your communications ecosystem?

Your communication tactics are a complex network dependent on each other, and their alignment raises the probability of success.



"CMC has a rare skill at shaping and delivering messages around really complicated issues"

“Communicating around challenging public policy issues is an art, and the team at CMC has a rare skill at shaping and delivering messages around really complicated issues in our space. We’ve engaged them on behalf of several clients, and really appreciate the low ego, results-focused approach they bring to the table from day one.”


Brad Alexander, Partner | Impact Public Affairs




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