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Erin Ellingwood

Director of Strategies

and Operations

Erin LS.jpg

Erin Ellingwood is CMC’s Director of Strategies and Operations, a role that combines her strategic thinking with her keen sense of organization and process. She helps steer CMC’s overall business strategy while managing the day-to-day challenges of running a company.


As a former middle school teacher, Erin continues to embrace all things teen and ’tween, helping our team and clients keep up with trends and changes in social media. Ask her about Snapchat …


Erin also plays an important role in establishing messaging strategy for CMC clients and keeping client projects on track. She’s a storyteller, and particularly loves to tell the stories of young Georgians working in the film industry, write blogs that guide teachers through daunting legal issues, and create social content that brings knowledge and hope to cancer patients and survivors.


Her greatest joy, though, comes from her family. She lives in Kennesaw with her husband and young son, and enjoys seeing the world through the eyes of a growing boy. You’ll find them exploring everything from zoos and aquariums to fishing streams and rock walls. Life is good as a #boymom.

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