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Maybe you want to generate media attention. Or maybe you don’t want to be caught off guard by a reporter’s phone call. Either way, you need a plan. When media comes calling, you’ll be glad for the work done in advance.

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How we helped a high-profile business coalition generate media attention to prompt changes

in public behavior

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With a pandemic raging through Georgia and Labor Day looming, the potential for a surge in COVID-19 cases was a real threat. It appeared that new cases spiked after Memorial Day, a time when Georgians flocked to beaches and gathered in large groups. Three high-profile organizations wanted to pool their influence and resources to generate support in the private sector to raise public awareness of behavioral change that could slow the spread of
COVID-19. In particular, the group wanted to discourage Georgians from large Labor Day gatherings guaranteed to fuel a surge in new cases.

The Challenge

The Challenge

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The campaign resulted in nearly 30 media stories, including print, online and television coverage. Three guest editorials were published, as were nearly two dozen blogs. Overall, Georgia avoided a spike in COVID-19 cases in October, when cases contracted from Labor Day celebrations would have emerged.

The Outcome

The Outcome

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CMC created and implemented a three-month, multi-pronged media strategy that included working with an expert to analyze trends in new cases; generating a media campaign around the results of this expert analysis; coordinating with partners on media events and interviews; writing guest editorials that were authored by business leaders; pitching stories to media; and crafting blogs to illustrate the real-life impact of COVID-19 on Georgians. 

The Strategy

The Strategy

How we helped ...

“CMC was incredibly helpful.”

"I've called on Cindy Miller Communications many times for guidance about media strategy. CMC was incredibly helpful in coaching our staff and members on preparing for media interactions, and their expertise guided us toward forming important relationships with targeted members of the media."

– Jim Sprouse, Executive Director,

Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association 




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