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Content is a powerful strategic tool

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Powerful, purposeful content can serve a host of strategic needs.

It can:

  • Connect

  • Inform

  • Instruct

  • Persuade

  • Initiate

Most importantly, it can solve — and prevent — problems.

We Get Results

How we helped communicate the real-life impact of a state initiative

An industry trade group was concerned that a new government initiative, embraced by many for its economic impact yet criticized by others as an unnecessary tax break, would unfairly be labeled as a program that benefitted only corporate elites. It was critical to the success of the infrastructure blossoming in Georgia for government decision makers to understand the economic impact on Georgians across the state.

The Challenge

The Challenge

More than 100 stories were posted on an industry blog; shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and many were also pitched to traditional media. A collection of the stories was published in a hardcover book that was distributed to state lawmakers and other influencers.

The Outcome

The Outcome

CMC created a digital media campaign centered on short stories about Georgians and Georgia small businesses reaping the benefits of the government initiative. People across the state were interviewed about the impact the government initiative had on their personal and business success.

The Strategy

The Strategy

How we helped ...

“CMC steps up and delivers.”

“When we asked around for a recommendation, we were told ‘Call Cindy Miller Communications. That’s the best team.’ We did. And they are. Whether we need rapid-response help on a dicey political issue or storytelling with a purpose, CMC steps up and delivers.”


– Kris Bagwell, Executive Vice President,

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The Right content can have a big impact

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A Step-By-Step Planning Guide to Prepare Your Business for a Crisis

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Strategic Communications: Your Business’s Superpower

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