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Communications Workshop

Your team will leave this workshop with customized tools and knowledge to preserve your company’s reputation in a crisis.

Can you communicate corporate stability during unstable times?
Of course you can, and we can help.

Built from years of experience helping companies deliver timely and well-managed responses to crises, our Crisis Communications Workshop is an in-person training session with key leadership that includes:

Best Practices

The 10 aspects of Crisis Communications you need to know to manage crises effectively.

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Crisis Scenarios

Every business is different, so we’ll first help your team clearly describe potential crisis scenarios.

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Stakeholder Mapping

Identify internal and external audiences and align messaging.

Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.30.58 PM.png


Establish communication

channels and protocols.

Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.31.28 PM.png


Talking Points, messaging

and holding statements.

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Media Relations

Deploy the best practices to build useful media relations.

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From the insights gathered during the workshop, CMC will create a

Crisis Communications Briefing Manual

for your business.

What Our Clients Say

Lanny Allgood, Cingo

Pest (1).png

“Ours is a thorough, well-prepared company, but I realized one day we were not prepared to handle a public relations crisis. Several business friends all had the same advice: ‘Call Cindy Miller.’ We did, and within months we formed a Crisis Response Team, drafted a briefing book that outlined roles and responsibilities for everyone in the company, created talking points and collected all the important data sheets about our materials and processes. As Cindy told us early on,‘You’re going to build a plan you hope you never have to use.’ So far, we haven’t, but we sleep better knowing the plan is in place.”

About CMC

CMC is an award-winning strategic communications company with a proven track record in developing and guiding strategic plans that have consistently delivered exceptional results for clients across various industries. Our team has successfully managed complex situations and skillfully handled delicate matters involving private, public, and governmental entities.

Even the best companies are vulnerable to a crisis. While you can’t predict when it will hit — or the level of devastation to your brand — you can create a plan that will mitigate damage.

CMC’s Crisis Communications Workshop will help your company prepare to navigate a crisis and preserve your hard-earned reputation.

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