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Jay Croft

Senior Writer

Jay LS.jpg

Jay Croft, CMC’s senior writer, has crossed the country telling stories. His time as a journalist took him from Alaska to South Florida, covering everything from city government and county court systems to high-profile crime cases like JonBenét Ramsey, the young beauty queen killed in her Boulder, CO, home. He once wrote about a polar bear that (literally) ate an Eskimo.

Today, Jay combines his journalism and business skills to help CMC clients put storytelling to work for them. His creations can unravel complex issues, bring personalities to life and put a human face on corporate messaging. His CMC contributions include stories about Georgians working in the film industry, ghost-writing for physicians nudging the community toward better health, and profiling corporate legends to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of a global company.

He’s an award-winning, purpose-driven writer who can tell a wonderful story. He followed his 20-year journalism career with a decade working in the communications departments for some of Atlanta’s blue-chip companies.

Jay loves a good book — what writer doesn’t? He’s gets inspiration from the gym, the movies, and he loves to travel. His creativity is fueled by a life well-lived.

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