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A global enterprise who needed a Georgia-based team

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Challenge: A global enterprise was keenly interested in legislation introduced in Georgia’s General Assembly that would provide a significant business opportunity to the company. To some, the opportunity would be perceived as controversial. Plus, it was legislation that was sure to generate a high level of media interest — for years.

The Strategy: Working closely with the company’s core teams for corporate communications and business development, CMC created and implemented media and grassroots communications strategies designed to keep a laser focus on the company’s belief that the change to Georgia law would create opportunity for Georgians. This included creating research-based background materials for the public, media and lawmakers; writing and pitching guest editorials; developing targeted media relationships; managing media queries, statements and interviews; and working closely with the Georgia and national team members assigned to the project.

The Outcome: CMC served as “boots on the ground” for the global company in the area of communications, both internally with its lobbying team and grassroots consultants, and externally with people around the state and statewide media. Over a period of years, CMC provided all levels of Georgia-based communications work for company executives across the country, work that ranged from daily media reports to coordination of company media statements and more.

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