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A regional restaurant chain tangled in a crime

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Challenge: A regional restaurant chain found itself coping with a devastating crime committed at one of its restaurants.

The Strategy: The CMC team set up a war room at corporate headquarters. Working with the executive team, we analyzed the situation, gathered all the facts about the incident and drafted a corporate statement within the first hour. The statement was distributed to all store managers, who were then coached on what to do if media contacted them. All media queries were referred to the CMC team. Simultaneously, we monitored and responded on all social media platforms. For the next 48 hours, CMC responded to social media posts and traditional media inquiries and made recommendations on next steps.

The Outcome: By carefully explaining the facts of the case, we could convince the media that the crime had nothing to do with the restaurant itself. As a result, after first news cycle the coverage focused on what happened, not where it happened.

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