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How we helped … A business chamber tell the definitive story of an industry

The Challenge: As a growing hub of life sciences education, research, and manufacturing, metro Atlanta has a great story to tell. There were many pieces that documented the region’s world-class status, yet no single source was considered the definitive story of the industry’s origin and growth in Georgia.

That’s where the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) stepped in.

MAC decided it was time to orchestrate the many voices of people and organizations to tell the complete tale of Georgia’s vision and ingenuity in life sciences. After all, it was a huge industry in Georgia –– nearly 200,000 jobs generating $12 billion in labor income and $21.8 billion in GDP.

To tell the complete story — and to tell it well — MAC turned to the storytelling skills of Cindy Miller Communications.

The Strategy: The CMC team, with its decades of experience in journalism, started the project with old-fashioned legwork and worked with MAC’s business development team members to identify key sources in the many enterprises that make up the world of life sciences. As trends began to emerge from its reporting, CMC outlined what would become the key messages and themes of the larger story.

The research continued with interviews of half a dozen senior executives of companies making major contributions in life sciences. Other veterans in key disciplines and experts were sought out for their data and insights. The diversity of people and organizations consulted added richness to the complex story.

As the harvest of information accumulated, decisions had to be made about the ultimate design of the package. Subject sidebars and individual profiles were highlighted outside the main story to improve the flow of the 3,000-word narrative. Graphics and fact-boxes were added to facilitate comprehension.

The Outcome: MAC’s business development team can leverage the full story of the economic momentum of the life sciences industry in Georgia. The industry’s interdependence of education, research and manufacturing, and collaboration of government and corporate interests are documented in a complete, well-written magazine article and anchored on MAC’s website. It’s now easy to put Georgia’s life sciences story in front of corporate leaders across the globe considering the next site for expansion or relocation of the multitude of businesses and organizations in the life sciences industry.

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