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Craft a social media policy to fit a company’s culture

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Challenge: It’s a fact of the digital age: Employees’ activities on social media can have an effect on their employer’s reputation. What’s essential is a mutual awareness of the inherent benefits and risks of social media. CMC helped a company with 100-plus employees in multiple locations address social media. The company maintained a professional but relaxed culture and wanted a policy that fit that culture. A 30-page, HR-directed set of rigid rules was not what they had in mind.

The Strategy: CMC began by interviewing leaders and employees about their concerns with social media. Everyone agreed that there were boundaries; the challenge was to define them in mutually agreeable ways. To facilitate clarity, we created a set of scenarios that included situations and likely responses. The situations described how a problem could arise; the responses outlined how the problem might be fixed. CMC worked with employees to create some common-sense guidelines designed to help prevent problems.

The Outcome: The scenarios and guidelines set the tone for company-wide conversations in training sessions and were included in the handbook provided to all new employees. The result is that employees have a deeper understanding of their role — and limits — as ambassadors of their company.

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