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When legislative reform called for targeted communications strategy

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The Challenge: A nonprofit coalition of statewide child-advocacy groups had been working for years to reform Georgia’s out-of-date juvenile-justice laws. This alliance needed to coalesce its core team around key messages and communications tactics that could be used to generate grassroots and legislative support for sweeping reform.

The Strategy: Cindy Miller Communications joined the strategy team for the two years leading up to the passage of legislation that ushered in major changes to Georgia’s juvenile code, and remained part of the team through implementation of initial reforms. During this time, we worked with the alliance’s senior leadership team to create an overall communications strategy and guided the creation of messages and tactics targeted at grass-roots audiences and influential decision makers, including those in the General Assembly. This included creating talking points for the lobbying team and alliance leadership, drafting speeches for legislators to deliver before key votes, writing and pitching guest editorials, and managing media outreach and relationships.

The Outcome: The alliance leadership had timely communication ready to use as the game-changing legislation worked its way through the Georgia General Assembly to the Governor’s desk.

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